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Medieval Swords
Swords of the Forge carries a variety of Medieval swords to choose from. Medieval swords in general date back to 500 AD through 1500 AD. Also known as arming swords (which tended to be shorter in length) or battle swords (which were longer), medieval swords come in a wide variety of styles with respect to the pommel, blade, and forging patterns. Some pommels may be larger (such as that of the two-handed sword), shorter (as with the one-handed sword), and decorative (your traditional medieval sword). Other styles of swords that fall into this genre include: Arabian swords, cutlasses (or short swords), and scabbards (such as those identified with the musketeers). Our medieval sword section also includes practice or display swords made of wood and/or latex. Should you require accessories we also carry maintenance kits, oils, and cases (both in a large/small variety). Should you have any questions about our products, please give us a call at 800-518-2171.
Historical Swords
If you are looking for high quality historical swords which are made to a high standard of skill and precision, then our Swords of the Forge historical swords are worth considering. We offer several types of historical swords to choose from: Roman Swords, Viking Swords, Greek Swords, Pirate Swords and Civil War Swords. We offer different blades and pommel types. Some are more decorative, while others may be suited for a left or right handed person. Some of our historical swords come complete with a covering to keep your sword blade protected when being carried or stored. In our inventory of historical swords are pirate swords as well, including swashbucklers, cutlasses and engraved swords. Some swords come with more plain pommels, while other swords may come fitted with brass fittings, bone handles or wood handles. We offer a comprehensive assortment for the historical sword buyer including very large Viking swords from Godfred swords to more stout-type broad swords. Among this category are the Celtic swords and the late era Viking swords. Should you have any questions about our products, please give us a call at 800-518-2171.
Swords of the Forge offers a selection of shields for your decorative or reenactment use. Available products include: The Greek Shield, Spartan Shield, The Trojan War Shield and The Greek Hoplite Shield. Made to be historically accurate in appearance these shields are a fine work of craftsmanship. They are created either in steel, wood or plywood. The Trojan War Shield is covered in leather and decorated appropriately to replica those from the period. Swords of the Forge offers you fine quality shields and armor to accompany your other weaponry. We can accommodate most time periods and help you find the particular pieces you need. We have an extensive inventory in our online store and also many contacts in the industry as well. We also a complete money back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied with the product(s) you have purchased. Should you have any questions about our products, please give us a call at 800-518-2171.

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Swords of the Forge: We Sell Medieval Swords, Fantasy Swords, Movie Swords, etc

Swords of the Forge is the best online store for all of your Medieval swords needs. We carry a wide selection of high quality swords and weapons that were created with great precision and in great detail to replicate the originals from that period. Swords are our passion, therefore we believe in carrying all the best that we can find, that meet our very high standards. Our inventory is large, and is getting bigger every day.

We carry all types of swords: from battle ready swords to decorative and practice, bargain swords. We offer a comprehensive inventory of swords for those seeking fantasy, historical, and movie swords. We have have Japanese swords. From one-handed to two-handed swords, from plain to very decorative pommels on our swords and sabers, Swords of the Forge has one of the largest arrays of swords available online.

Medieval Swords

In the Medieval category (for weapons that replicate those from the time period 500 AD to 1200 AD approximately), we offer not only swords, but armor and shields. Armor is predominantly wearable leather.

Historical Swords and Sabers

In the Historical category (which spans several periods), we offer Roman swords, Viking swords, Greek swords and Civil War swords. Calvary swords are very popular for their historical significance in U.S. history.

Official Movie Weapons

In the Official Movie category, we offer a range of weapon replicas from the following movies which are highly sought after: 300, Conan the Barbarian, Prince of Persia � just to name a few.

The Best Assortment of Armor, Shield and Helmets

While we are known for swords, Swords of the Forge also has the best assortment of armor, shield and helmets online. Our online store features suits of armor, Greek armor, complete armor suits, breastplates, chainmail, greaves and leg armor, braces and arm armor, roman armor, Medieval gauntlets and even children armor.

Our shield inventory is also very extensive which includes: Greek shields, Roman shields, Medieval shields, Viking shields, LARP shields and SCA battle shields.

If you are looking for Medieval or other types of historical helmets, look no further. We carry one of the largest selections of helmets online with helmet shapes ranging to bullet to dated cylindrical and even fantasy. Our categories include Roman helmets, German Sallet helmets, English Kettle helmets, Norman helmets, Spanish helmets, Samurai helmets and the ever popular Gladiator helmets.

The Swords of the Forge Commitment to High Quality

Swords of the Forge is committed to offering high quality Medieval swords. Most are handmade and forged by way of traditional techniques or by modern methods to replicate the traditional result. All of our craftsmen are highly skilled and all of our products are carefully inspected for quality assurance. We are so confident that you will be happy with our product that we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee if you are not completed satisfied. Beware of cheap imitation swords by other online retailers.

We Offer Convenience and Excellent Customer Service

We have several locations across the United States which makes shipment quick and easy. Not only do we guarantee the quality of all our products, but we look forward to serving you for all of your Medieval sword and accessory needs. If you don't see something you are looking for please contact us. We are always willing to go out of our way to help you find the sword/weapon you are looking for.

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