Authentic Wearable and Display Armor
Armor was an essential to any Medieval and Dark Ages warrior. If you require armor for an reenactment, historical production or play, consider Swords of the Forge’s inventory of armor products, which include: Complete Suits of Armor, Greek Armor, Breastplates and Cuirasses, Chainmail Armor, Greaves and Leg Armor, Roman Armor, and Medieval Gauntlets to name a few. No matter what time period you are seeking, we are fairly sure we can help you locate an appropriate suit of armor that can accommodate you. Armor was obviously used as protective measures against the enemy, however, it also represented a certain class that was given access to this level of protection, as every day people normally did not have this level of privilege. As with our other products, Swords of the Forge offers a money back guarantee should you not be completely satisfied. Should you have any questions about our products, please give us a call at 800-518-2171.
Suits of Armor
Whether you live in a castle or just want to act like you do, Swords of the Forge’s online store sells several Suits of Armor for the Medieval weapons and accessories coll...
Greek Armor
If you are in need of armor to transform yourself into a Spartan Greek soldier then Swords of the Forge can help. Our online store offers a vast inventory of Greek Armor p...
Complete Armor Sets
If you are seeking wearable Complete Armor Sets, then take a gander through Swords of the Forge’s inventory. We carry many different types of Medieval sets to choose from ...
Breastplates and Cuirasses
Protecting the essential organs was of major importance to a Medieval knight or warrior. Swords of the Forge offers numerous Breastplates and Cuirasses to help dress you u...
Chainmail Armor
Chainmail Armor was used in Medieval Times as a way to protect the neck, head, and other extremities during battle. Swords of the Forge offers an assortment of Chainmail A...
Greaves and Leg Armor
Greaves and Leg Armor were essential for Medieval Knights because of the protection they afforded these soldiers to their upper and lower legs (including the knees). Swor...
Bracers and Arm Armor
Swords of the Forge has a whole range of accessories to help you dress up as a Medieval warrior, including Bracers and Arm Armor. Bracers and Arm Armor were integral in pr...
Roman Armor
Swords of the Forge is pleased to offer a large selection of Roman Armor items to satisfy your production dress-up or display requirements. The Romans were widely known fo...
Medieval Gauntlets
Medieval Gauntlets were a critical accessory in the Medieval period as they were essential in protecting one’s hands in battle. Swords of the Forge is pleased to offer an ...
Children's Armor
If you have a small knight to clothe, then you may want to consider Swords of the Forge’s Children’s Armor. Whether you are going to a costume gala, play, historical reen...
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