Large Selection of Wearable and Display Helmets
For the Helmets enthusiast, Swords of the Forge offers an extensive array of helmets from which to choose from. We believe you will be impressed by the size of our collection which includes helmets of many different shapes and sizes across various periods in history and even across continents. Helmets include: Medieval Helmets, Roman Helmets, Viking Helmets, German Sallet Helmets, English Kettle Hat Helmets, Norman Helmets, Spanish Helmets, Samurai Helmets, and Gladiator Helmets, to name just a few. The shapes of these helmets are quite interesting as you can see the evolution in shape from flat to more round and then to bullet, which helped to deflect the blows of the swords thrust upon them. The curve of the helmet was ever important: so looking at these helmets you are easily able to gauge visually who probably sustained the most injury early on. Swords of the Forge believes in offering you the best selection in Medieval (and other Periods) weapons and accessories. This is our passion and we stand by the high quality of the products we sell. Should you have any questions about our products, please give us a call at 800-518-2171.
Medieval Helmets
When a Knight rode against his enemy it was not just the armor on his body that the enemy recognized, but the helmet. The design on almost every helmet back then was diffe...
Roman Helmets
When you think of Roman Helmets, you can imagine the great Roman legends marching across Europe and the Middle East. The helmets distinguish the men from the officers. Her...
Viking Helmets
Here at Swords of the Forge, we are very excited about our selection of Vikings Helmets. Although all Viking Helmets did not have horns they all had a dramatic look to the...
German Sallet Helmets
Swords of the Forge is pleased to sell German Sallet Helmets. These helmets would make a magnificent addition to any collector’s display. They were used in the kingdoms of...
English Kettle Hat Helms
When you think back in history on some of the great European battles, you may recall the foot soldiers with the round silver helmets. The English Kettle Hat Helmets were w...
Norman Helmets
When you think of the Norman era, which was around 1066, it is hard not to imagine these wonderfully designed bullet-shaped Norman helmets or the Norman soldiers who wore ...
Spanish Helmets
When you look at these Spanish Helmets you can’t help but remember the Spanish conquistadors of the 16th and 17th centuries. At Swords of the Forge, we are excited about t...
Samurai Helmets
When you look at these great Samurai Helmets it’s hard not to think of the commitment, loyalty and courage of these great warriors. The helmets were a symbol of the samura...
Gladiator Helmets
Gladiators were well known in the time of the Roman Empire. They were used primarily to entertain and protect the people of Rome. Their weaponry and style made them stand ...
Fantasy Helmets
When you think of Fantasy Helmets, you might stir up memories of The Lord of the Rings and helmets from that famous movie, such as the shining helmets of the elves or King...
Greek Helmets
When you think of Greek Helmets, you think of Sparta and the Trojans around the 4th and 6th century BC. These were true warriors and at Swords of the Forge we pay homage ...
Plumes and Accessories
Swords of the Forge has on inventory a number of Plumes and Accessories for the helmet enthusiast. The plumes on hand are crafted to be historically accurate and to help ...
Leather Helmets
We offer several Leather Helmets for your consideration at Swords of the Forge. You will be pleased by the quality of helmets that span across periods. Consider the: Leat...
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