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Leather Armor and Accessories
Should you be in need of Leather Armor, consider Swords of the Forge’s great Leather Armor Products. We offer a number of products to meet your needs. Leather armor comes available in armor grade which is battle ready armor as opposed to the lighter weight which is better for fairs, productions and reenactments. The detailing on our leather armor is highly authentic where noted. Leather armor products include: Cuirasses, Jackets, Breastplates, Neck guards, Body Armor, Pauldrons, Samurai Armor Styles, as well as styles to suit different periods. Additionally, our inventory includes: Bracers (Arm Guards) in a variety of sizes as well as a variety of Greaves (Leg Guards) also in a variety of sizes for your convenience. For archers, we also carry special protective gloves. We take our leather armor very seriously and seek to offer the best quality products around.
Leather Body Armor
Body armor was a big part of the warrior’s uniform whether the warrior was Roman, Viking or Samurai. The light weight of his armor helped with his mobility without the wei...
Leather Bracers
Leather bracer were used in so many ways whether with armor or just alone to protect the lower arms. Leather bracers were made of thick leather with brass studs. They were...
Leather Greaves
Leather greaves are an important part of the armor protecting the leg from serious injury during a battle. They are made with thick leather and brass studs big enough to f...
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