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These LARP Shields (Live Action Role Playing Shields) from Swords of the Forge are constructed of high quality foam and are extra durable for role playing use. These shields would serve as a perfect match to any of your current LARP armor or weaponry that you currently use. Or you can simply put them up in your home or room to display. There are darker looking shields and then there are the stunning Gaelic Shields. These shields could be used in any type of role playing battle with a large group of people or in a small group. If you are looking for a new shield to impress others with or to complement a suit of armor then these LARP Shields provided by Swords of the Forge are the right products for you. If you aren't looking for a shield made of wood and steel and maybe want something to use when playing with friends then these high quality foam designed shields could be perfect for family or party action role playing. Add on any LARP swords that we sell to make a perfect combination.
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