Roman Shields
Replica Full Size Roman Shields
The Roman Shields available via the Swords of the Forge online store are made by craftsmen and are historical replicas of those used back in ancient times. Some are large towering shields that could protect full body blows against swords and arrows or even aid in forming a wall of shields. In ancient Rome, squads or larger groups of soldiers would compact themselves together and form large walls of shields for protection against projectiles during advancement. Another use for this tactic was fortifying a strong front line against large groups of charging infantry and calvary. These types of shields were used in extremely impressive forms of tactical battle strategy back in the Roman Empire against the Greeks. These shields are made from quality wood along with a brass iron bar on the front to fortify its overall core. This makes these shields perfect for acting out scenes as a Centurion or being a commander in a charge of a legion of Roman soldiers preparing for engagement in battle.
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