Replica Full Size Shields and SCA Shields
Swords of the Forge offers a selection of shields for your decorative or reenactment use. Available products include: The Greek Shield, Spartan Shield, The Trojan War Shield and The Greek Hoplite Shield. Made to be historically accurate in appearance these shields are a fine work of craftsmanship. They are created either in steel, wood or plywood. The Trojan War Shield is covered in leather and decorated appropriately to replica those from the period. Swords of the Forge offers you fine quality shields and armor to accompany your other weaponry. We can accommodate most time periods and help you find the particular pieces you need. We have an extensive inventory in our online store and also many contacts in the industry as well. We also a complete money back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied with the product(s) you have purchased. Should you have any questions about our products, please give us a call at 800-518-2171.
Greek Shields
Here at Swords of the Forge we strive to craft and deliver to you high quality products for any type of reenactment or high standard costume. The Greek Shields made here a...
Roman Shields
The Roman Shields available via the Swords of the Forge online store are made by craftsmen and are historical replicas of those used back in ancient times. Some are large ...
Medieval Shields
At Swords of the Forge, whether you are looking to find a large, historically accurate crusader shield or a smaller close combatant buckler shield, you can find it on our ...
Viking Shields
The Viking Shields sold by Swords of the Forge are crafted solely from wood and reinforced with brass bosses and studs, and covered with leather to strengthen the shield. ...
LARP Shields
These LARP Shields (Live Action Role Playing Shields) from Swords of the Forge are constructed of high quality foam and are extra durable for role playing use. These shiel...
SCA Battle Shields
Not too interested in just role playing combat? Looking for something a little more real and a lot more physical? Then these SCA Battle Shields sold by Swords of the Forge...
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