Knives and Daggers
Medieval Knives and Daggers
Swords of the Forge is the leading online supplier of Medieval Knives and Daggers. Knives and daggers were important for defense in Medieval Times. Easy to conceal, and great for bodily protection, they afforded a way to defend oneís self in face-to-face battles. They also served secondary purposes (from cutting ropes to meat, etc.) when needed. Daggers had extended sharper edges which also provided a factor of intimidation when confronted by an adversary. Swords of the Forge is committed to providing you with a comprehensive selection of Knives and Daggers for you to choose from. We stand by all of our products, and ensure that you will be very satisfied with the high standards of our many items. We go out of our way to search for those items that we ourselves would buy. If not, we stand by our satisfaction guarantee. Should you not be completely satisfied, we will refund your money no questions asked. Itís that simple.
Medieval Daggers
Swords of the Forge is pleased to offer an inventory of Medieval Daggers. Medieval warriors have used an array of weapons: from armor and swords to axes and bows. Here at ...
Medieval Knives
We, at Swords of the Forge, offer a selection of Medieval Knives for purchase. These knives come with a sheath where noted. With a short blade length of approximately 16 i...
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