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Latex Swords and Weapons
Latex Swords and Weapons
Swords of the Forge’s online store is regularly equipped with a selection of Latex Swords and Weapons for those who want to safely practice battle scenes or who just want an economical display sword or one for a production or play. Our Latex Swords and Weapons are great bargains as an alternative to our metal versions, and still are crafted to look historically accurate although they may be constructed of latex. Swords blades and grips come in a variety of sizes. Swords included in this category include: the Conqueror Warsword Sword, the Viking Raiding Sword, the Black Prince Sword, the Sword of Troy, the Centurion Gladius Sword, the Bosworth Axe, the Dark Ages Equalizer, the Assassin’s Knife and the Paladin War hammer. Swords of the Forge offers a fine selection of latex and steel carbon swords.
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