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One-Handed Swords
One-Handed Swords
Swords of the Forge offers several varieties of One-Handed Swords products to choose from. These particular swords were created by the Celts and were used primarily in battle in the Middle Ages, typically on horseback. Troops typically wielded these weapons which one hand given the need for balance while riding so one-handed swords were imperative. Used in conjunction with leather armor or chainmail, this piece of weaponry was essential for armies to defeat their opponents. Very sharp and made with a slight swoop in the long blade, one-handed swords were known for easily cutting through the armor of their enemies. Through the years, this same concept was used in more modern day battles, such as with Calvary sabers and Claymore swords. While some swords have a very plain pommel and no guard, officersí swords can be found to have more intricate workings around the pommel and to have an encircled guard to protect the hand while attacking. All of our One-Handed Swords are made to a very high standard. We offer a satisfaction guarantee with every purchase. Should you have any questions about our products, please give us a call at 800-518-2171.
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