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Short Swords and Cutlasses
Short Swords and Cutlasses
If you are looking for fabulous, highly crafted Short Swords and Cutlasses, consider Swords of the Forge’s online selection. We offer a number of swords which are beautifully crafted from steel and that offer ornate finishing – some of which include a brass basket (the Pirate’s Companion Sword – Left Handed), the High Seas Cutlass – Latex, the Elven War Dagger – Latex, and the Celtic Dress Sword. Please note that our Short Swords and Cutlasses are great buys especially for those seeking a bargain, or who may just need a really good looking sword for a costume, reenactment or historical play. Some also make great display items without cutting into your wallet. Swords of the Forge has a passion for swords, and thus we offer a satisfaction guarantee to ensure that you are perfectly happy with each purchase you make with us. Should you have any questions about our products, please give us a call at 800-518-2171.
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