Medieval Weapons
Medieval Weapons - Maces, Flails, Axes and More
Swords of the Forge prides itself on offering historically authentic Medieval weapons, many fashioned from steel. Of varying lengths, our swords often include scabbards and come in a variety of pommel styles. Some have double fullered blades and others have an antique patha or brass finishing. Our Medieval weapons are great for productions, historical reenactments or costume galas. Some are highly sought after for collections and displays, such as the Black Prince Sword and the Medieval Guingate Sword. For a more economical Medieval weapon, the latest Valiant Sword is a great buy. One of our larger swords is the Christian Sword which measures 43” and features cross shapes on its guard and pommel and comes with a leather sheath. Our e-store offers a wide selection of swords from all time periods in many finishes and styles. Should you have any questions about our products, please give us a call at 800-518-2171.
Battle Axes
Swords of the Forge offers a wide range of impressive Battles Axes to choose from for your collection or reenactment purposes. These weapons visually terrorized their enem...
Maces and Flails
For economical Maces and Flails, check out Swords of the Forge’s online store inventory. We offer several products which would interest the collector of Medieval weapons. ...
War Hammers
For a selection of War Hammers, consider Swords of the Forge’s online inventory. The most famous War Hammer is probably associated with the comic book hero, Thor. This Med...
Spears and Pole Arms
Swords of the Forge sells a selection of Spears and Pole Arms that will impress in our online medieval weapons store. Spears and Pole Arms were used specifically for battl...
Roman Weapons
Seeking Roman Weapons for your collection or for historical reenactments? Consider Sword of the Forge’s quality Roman Weapons. Originally constructed during the time of th...
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