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Conan the Barbarian Swords
Replicas of Conan the Barbarian Swords
Sword of Forge has this incredible hand forged sword made to mirror that of Conan Barbarian -- the warrior who became a King. It weighs a few pounds and has a menacing blade. The grip helps give the sword the balance for two or even one hand use in combat to inflict pure destruction to the enemy as seen in the movie. Between the weight and the build, this warrior weapon replica is truly a weapon of desire. It was the weapon that made Conan the warrior and king he was. Conan’s “actual” warrior sword was made by the gods to cut through stone and to never wear. It always kept it sharpness. Our replicas are finely crafted by modern methods and are great display pieces as a great tribute to a wonderful adventure movie. We here at Swords of the Forge have this sword and many others of the same caliber available for purchase. Please call should you have any questions at 800-518-2171.
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