Samurai Swords
Samurai Swords
For the best in Samurai swords at the most competitive prices, consider Swords of the Forge. Our online store holds a nice selection of high quality swords from economical Samurai swords to high performance Katana swords. We also carry Samurai sword sets as well as sword stands – to display your swords and keep them in prime condition. We offer several types of stands including floor versions to wall mount and sword table stands. Our stands can hold up as much as 8 swords. We also have folded and forged Katana swords for the Samurai sword enthusiast. Our hand forged katanas are made of carbon steel and include a maintenance kit and protective bag. We have swords of various lengths and their fittings vary. Some have no fittings while others have antiqued fittings. Many include a scabbard. Click the categories below to view all of our Katana swords.
Folded Katana Swords
The best in Folded Katana Swords is available at Swords of the Forge’s online Medieval Weapons store. Also, known as Samurai Swords, these swords are unmistakable for thei...
Forged Katana Swords
Forged Katana Swords, or Samurai Sword, are very popular products here at Swords of the Forge. We offer high quality swords that you can be proud to own. Made to be histor...
Practical and Performace Katanas
Swords of the Forge sells Practical and Performance Katanas at great prices. From extra long blades to removable leather handles, we have a large selection of high quality...
Economical Samurai Swords
Swords of the Forge offers a range of swords to satisfy sword lovers of any budget size. For those seeking Economical Samurai Swords, we offer these swords which are quali...
Samurai Sword Sets
If you are looking for Samurai Sword Sets, Swords of the Forge offers several excellent sets which are perfect for display. Some include a display and scabbards where note...
Samurai Weapons
If you are seeking Samurai spears and broads swords, consider perusing our Samurai Weapons inventory at Swords of the Forge. We offer several products that will thrill the...
Sword Stands
We offer a variety of Swords Stands here at Swords of the Forge that will help the sword enthusiast and collector display their weapons in a highly decorative manner. Whet...
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